Adult Pottery Techniques Course

About the Course

This is a broad based pottery course that caters for all levels of abilities and ambitions for groups ranging between 4 – 6 people. The course provides participants an opportunity for an “in- depth” approach to pottery making. It embraces the following topics:

  • Introduction to Different Types of Clay
  • Hand Building
  • Wheel Skills
  • Firing & Glazing

Course Duration

  • The techniques course comprises of 10 (ten) sessions. Participants will be expected to attend all sessions.

Session Timetable

  • Each session runs from 10am to 1pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
  • Saturday session: Available by appointment only.

** Notes:

  1. For pottery lessons, please remember to state the dates that you would be interested in as well as the day of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday). Thanks!
  2. If you commit to participating in a particular term, please be courteous and let me know in advance when you’re traveling so that I can reschedule the classes.
  3. In order to arrange proper scheduling of classes, I require one month’s advance.

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