I’m eternally grateful to those hard working and passionate individuals in the mainstream (and not so mainstream) press for giving me worthwhile coverage. This free publicity has created numerous opportunities for me so I just want to say a big THANKS!!! to said journalists who are passionate about the Arts scene.

In a sense, journalism is an Art form of the written and spoken variety; truly, we’re all interconnected via our chosen craft.

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Magazine Coverage

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TV Coverage

  • 1996 solo exhibition coverage and interview on TV magazine show, Maisha Arts

Press Gallery

  • press mention about British Council exhibit
  • pottery-a-rewarding-and-profitable-career
  • article in The Standard - November 16, 1987
  • article in The Standard - May16, 1986
  • article in the Sunday Standard - August 19, 1990
  • article in The Daily Nation - November 17, 1987
  • Travel News magazine - August 2007