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  1. Wow Waithira!!
    I LOOOVE your new website! (wink, wink) Welcome to Cyber Space where connected Netizens around the planet (and maybe waaay out there in Outer Space) can visit your web address and see what the heck you’re up to. I have no doubts that this will soon become one of the top sites on the Net for art aficionados of ceramics and pottery. Good luck!

    – Maxwell (aka Max “The IT pro”)

  2. Dearest Waithira,

    Well done! What a great website! Very easy to access and just wonderful. I hope you will have lots of contacts and feedback from it. Hope you are well and love to see you soon.

    Mei x

  3. Hi Waithira,

    Great new website! Thank you for being a most wonderful teacher. Learning pottery with you these last four years has been a life enriching experience.

  4. Allow this collector of yours to say ” Fabulous, just fabulous!!! You are going place my dear.. Well done!”

  5. Hi,
    To find your website is simply amazing!.
    I taught at Greenacres in the 1980’s before you went to Goldsmiths. When Mark Kucharski and I married in Kenya you gave us some of your work which I still have and treasure.
    I remember your studio/workshop on the school site.
    To find your website and see all the things you are now doing is wonderful!. I love your work!
    I am based in England and am a head teacher of a junior school near Bristol – which keeps me busy. I now have a lovely son who is now 23. I would love to hear from you if you would like to email me! Love Bron

  6. Hi Bron!
    I was away for 7 weeks in the UK…just got back. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the compliments on my site. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, I do remember you and its great to hear from you after all these years. Keep in touch.

    – Waithira

  7. Hey Waithira,Its been a loooong while since I saw you last.Hope all is well,I am fine but school is Keeping me busy.I love your new website.Big up!!Lol

  8. Hi Waithira
    It’s an absolutely brilliant website!
    Very inspirational,enjoyed going through it.
    All the very best.

  9. I was at school with you at Greenacres (my maiden name was Bewley) and you were a great kid then and you still look exactly the same!! So happy for you and I’m really enjoying your website, your blog and your work…..

  10. Hi there, i was at greenacres and you taught me pottery. Though i could not continue because i left the school, i still remember you. I love your work you have come so far. Keep it up. i love it.

  11. Wonderful job. I am impressed by the passion you exude in your work. I honestly love ceramics and always shop for pieces at Nanyuki Rural Centre, looking forward to visit you and explore your world. Keep up.

  12. Hey Waithera,
    Just now visited your site and love the pottery. Sue and I are still making our pottery in the states. Have kept tabs over the year on Kinanda and how the complex has grown. It seems you have expanded your horizons over the years with a little international flavor mixed in. You can see our pottery on Facebook @ Shipley Studio.

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