Waithira @ International Womens Day Exhibition

Some EXCELLENT news today…
I have been selected — along with 11 other top female artists  — to represent Kenya at the International Womens Day Exhibition which takes place at the Nairobi National Museum.

The Lucky 12
The following 12 artists will be representing Kenya at said event:

  • Waithira Chege (pottery), Shaila Darr (painting), Rosemary Karuga (collage)
  • Chelenge Van Rampelberg (Sculpture), Nani Croze (glass), Eunice Wadu (Printing)
  • Yoni Waite (Painting), Annabelle Wanjiku (Painting), Theo Stone (Paintings, Beadwork)
  • Tabitha wa Thuku (painting), Elizabeth Orchardson-Mazrui (multi-media), Ruth Nyakundi (painting)

Other Participants…
The following artists will also be taking part in the exhibit:

  • Hawa Artists/ Painting, Brigitte Bailer (Painting – Germany – Curator of Gallery “Westfalenhütte”)
  • Maria Dierker (Painting – Germany), Isha Fofana (Painting  – The Gambia), Letitia Gaba (Graphik  – born in Romania – living in Germany)
  • Lucia Herden (Painting/Objects – Germany), Heike Iserlohe (Painting – Germany – Curator of Gallery “Kunstraub99”)
  • Heidi H. Kuhn (Painting – Germany), Clothilde Lafont-König (Painting – born in France – living in Germany)
  • Stefanie Lange (Pottery – Germany), Monika Ortmann (Installation – Germany), Fatima Hassan Osman (Painting – born in Sudan – living in Kenya)
  • Carin Carola Paape (Photograph-Painting – Germany), Josiane Périllat (Pottery – born in France – living in Bolivia)
  • Angelika ‘Anschi’ Pohlmann (Painting – Germany), Margareta Schulz (Painting/Installation – Germany)
  • Sonia Sion (Graphic/Painting – born in Italy – living in Louxembourg), Dorothee Vermaaten (Painting – Germany),
  • Lilo Werner (Photography – Germany), Chung-Sook Wietscher (Painting – born in South Korea – living in Germany)

I will be submitting some artwork for display at the end of the month. However, the exhibition will be up on March 8, 2011, but the celebration event takes place on March 22, 2011 at 6pm (by Museum Hill).

If you’re not doing anything that day, please drop by the event. 🙂

– Waithira

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